Safety Dust Protection


3M 4251 FFA1P2D Re-Usable 4000 Series Half Mask Respirators


Technical Features:

Standards: EN405:2001 FFA1P2D

Assigned protection factor for Gases & Vapours: 10 x WEL or 1000ppm which ever is the lower.

Assigned protection factor for Particulates: 10 x WEL.

Description: This mask gives FFA1P2D protection against fine dusts, oil, water based mists and organic vapours. Bonded carbon allows the gas/vapour filter to be moulded around the face to improve vision and balance. Textured face seal to provide a more comfortable fit. Parabolic exhalation valve gives easier breathing and reduces heat build up. Approved to EN 405: 2002 FFA1P2D.