Applications - Automobile, Marine, Aviation

Flock is applied as a surface finish providing a number of added benefits to the parent product. It provides a decorative covering that reduces glare, condensation, noise and vibration. It gives a warm soft feel to otherwise hard and cold surfaces. Cheap and poor quality materials become luxurious.


Car Interior

Automobiles and other Vehicles

Flock is used extensively in car and other vehicle interiors. It is used to provide decorative finishes in new cars on glove and coin boxes, head linings, door trim and various other parts. It is also used on the window rubbers to provide a non abrasive running surface that does not freeze to the windows in the winter.
Rally cars and custom cars frequently have dashboards, door cards and other parts flocked.

Dashboard Rework

Repair & Refinishing of Car Interior Parts

Rally car drivers are now enjoying the anti reflection properties on their dashboards. The flocked finish has the advantage of allowing all the modified parts to be neatly finished resulting in better than new interiors. Custom car builders create similar results but use the wide range of colours and lengths available. The builders are using flock to finish dashboards, door cards. headlinings, speaker enclosures and everything else including wheels and engine parts.