Electrospray paint test meter


The Electrospray Paint Test Meter has been designed to provide the manufacturers and users of electrostatic paints with a reliable and inexpensive means of checking the resistivity of paints and as a result, their suitability for spraying by electrostatic means.

  • Scale in Ohmic Values – 10KΩ to 5MΩ
  • Simple scale identifying electrostatic sprayability
  • Suitable for use with all manufacturers equipment
  • Special easy to clean probe
  • Inbuilt battery test

The meter is invaluable for maintaining a check on the electrical properties of paint for electrostatic use particularly where the resistance may have altered due to storage or temperature changes. In addition, paint manufacturers with the aid of the meter are usually able to make high and low resistance paints suitable for electrostatic use by the addition of appropriate solvents or by a reformation of the basic material used.

Scale A – Calibrated in Ohmic values familiar to paint manufacturers.

Scale b – A simple non-ohmic scale divided into three ranges namely, High, Sprayable Range and Low. The Sprayable range in red has been selected to generally include all makes of electrostatic equipment currently available with the scale suitably marked where maximum performance is obtained.

The instrument is housed in a powder coated case and operates in conjunction with an easy to clean probe which is immersed in the paint to a predetermined level.