Fabricoat 100/200 generator - flock spraying equipment

Industrial Quality Electrostatic Flock Spray System - £2,495 + vat

The 100/200 generator is suitable for the powering of small flock chambers and conveyors and other smaller automated systems. It has a variable output with meters to display charging voltage and load current.

Due to its high voltage output it is not suitable for hand applicators.

  • Fully adjustable output voltage to 100kV, enables process optimisation to suit various flock lengths and materials.
  • A charging voltage meter and ammeter show charge setting and current being drawn.
  • Maximum supply current 200μA.
  • Can be used to power a variety of small flocking systems.



Equipment Specification

GENERATOR - Mains input voltage supply: (Specify at point of order). 240 vac / 0.5A (UK) 50 Hz or 110 vac / 1A (USA) 60 Hz

FUSE RATING Control Panel - 2A 20mm (slow blow / anti surge type)

OUTPUT VOLTAGE - 100Kv d.c. (Max)

OUTPUT CURRENT (A) - 200 uA (Max)


REMOTE SWITCHING CONTROL - Via footswitch, Microswitch etc. 24 v dc supply


CABINET DIMENSIONS - 49cm(H) x 31cm(W) x 26cm(D)

(All dimensions are approximate) - (18.5”) x (12”) x (10”)


CABINET MATERIAL - Powder Coated Mild Steel