Fabricoat pneumatic/electrostatic systems

Please note that these units have been superseded by the Aeroflocker & Turboflocker

Unit Components

The complete manual unit comprises the following:

  • Fabricoat P/E combined pneumatic and electrostatic control module.
  • Fabricoat Pneumatic/Electrostatic Gun, which includes
    a) Low capacity non-inductive cable.
    b) Trigger control and earth cable.
    c) Material hose.
    d) Extension nozzle and deflectors.
  • Flock venturi pump.
  • Flock Hopper including motorised stirrer with lid and base unit.
  • Tubular support frame.




Input Voltage - 230–250v ac 50/60Hz single phase. (110-115v internal switching)

Output Voltage - 60 Kv dc – variable

Current - 100µA

Fuse Protection - 5 amp mains. 1 amp voltage selection

Polarity - Negative – positive on request

Trigger Socket - 12v ac

Auto Voltage Regulation - Auto voltage regulation gives negative characteristics, which adjust to suit the distance between work piece and spray gun electrode.



Input Air Pressure - 4 bar (60 psi)

Input Air Condition - Oil free to 0.1 ppm and dry to 1.3 g/cubic Nm

Air Consumption – Normal - 3 cu m/hr 2 cfm

Main Air Input Connection - Male ¼” BSP



Flock hopper Capacity - 4 Kg

Venturi - Mounted at low level

Flock/Air Controls - Flock agitation hopper – shroud air – flock delivery

Auto Selection - By fascia switching

Hose Lengths - 4 metres standard – other lengths on request

Other Accessories - Low velocity nozzle, Extension nozzle

Net Weight - 27.5 Kg

Spray gun & Hose weight - 0.5 Kg

Packed Weight - 40 Kg

Packed Size - 60cm x 60cm x 122cm

Maximum Unit Height - 1143mm

Maximum Unit Width - 450mm

Drum Height - 610mm

Drum Width - 320mm