Flocking with Sericol OP395 (Obsolete - Now replaced with Mecoflock D404)

The Mecoflock D404 can be used much in the same way as OP395.

Sericol OP395 is a water-based, 100% solvent free textile adhesive, designed for use on a wide range of natural and synthetic fabrics. Heat cured, the unique formula offers an unsurpassed balance of softness and durability to wash, rub and dry-clean, eliminating the need for additives. Sericol OP395 also has excellent screen stability allowing exceptional screen open time, meaning that there is plenty of time to flock into it before it starts to dry.

As an aqueous product, equipment used with the adhesive is easily cleaned with water. After heat curing, flocking exhibits excellent wash, rub and dry-clean resistance. Sericol OP395 has wash fastness up to 60°C, but when washed at this temperature with a strong detergent there may be some colour distortion.

The flocking may be ironed from the back of the fabric, at a cool setting with a cloth protecting the flocked area. Sericol OP395 will not withstand dry-cleaning.

Materials Sericol OP395 is suitable for:

  • Almost all textiles
  • Papers
  • Boards

Thinning down Sericol OP395

Sericol OP395 can be used straight from the tub or else it can be thinned down first. By thinning down the Sericol, you decrease its viscosity, enabling an easier application with finer silk-screens. To thin down Sericol OP395 use either Plastisol Flow thinner or Tursub. It can be thinned down by 5%.

Using Pigments

Pigments can be added to the adhesive, in order to improve the cosmetic appearance, although in most cases this will not be necessary, as Sericol OP395 is transparent. In some cases, when the adhesive is matched to the flock in colour, this provides a more “polished” looking finish and compensates for areas with a slightly lower flock density.

When applying a dark flock onto a bright/light fabric a few percents of pigment added are quite sufficient. However, when using a light flock on a dark fabric you will need to use at least 10% pigment. When you are flocking a lighter coloured flock onto a darker coloured fabric (e.g. yellow flock onto a blue fabric) it will be necessary to add white pigment, as well as pigment matching the colour of the flock, to the adhesive in order to attain the appropriate finish.

Preparation of the material

A thick layer (approximately 1/10 of the length of the flock fibre) of adhesive must be applied, so that the flock can adhere adequately to the material. The material should be clean and dry before the adhesive is applied. Any contaminants in the adhesive will impair the quality and durability of the finished product.


To obtain the maximum durability and wash-fastness Sericol OP395 must be heat-cured at a minimum of 140°C. The curing schedule used should be chosen to suit the heat resistance of the fabric being flocked. When flocking on synthetic blends and fabrics, the lower curing temperature and longer drying time is recommended. If your drying conditions fall outside these recommendations, please contact DCA for technical assistance.


Cure Time

160°C (355°F)

2-3 minutes

140°C (285°F)

5-6 minutes

Method of Application

There are various ways to apply the adhesive depending on what it is that you are flocking. Sericol OP395 was designed for silk-screen printing, although it can be used in other ways if desired. When using a particularly fine silk for silk-screen printing the adhesive can be thinned down. Sericol can also be applied using a paint brush.

Method of Application

Image describing silk-screen application

IMPORTANT: Stir well before every use.

Users should satisfy themselves that Sericol OP395 is compatible with specific textiles and resistance properties are acceptable before commencing production runs.

Handling & Safety

  • Is formulated to be free from any chemicals toxic to health, carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic chemicals.
  • Is formulated free from lead and other heavy metals and is tested to comply to the EN71-3: 1995 Toy Safety Standard.
  • Should be stored away from heat.

Environmental Information

Sericol OP395:

  • Does not contain ozone depleting chemicals as described in the Montreal Convention.
  • Is formulated free from aromatic hydrocarbons which are known to have an adverse effect on the environment.
  • Is free of any volatile solvent and is therefore beneficial to the environment when compared to solvent-based products.


> Sericol OP395 safety data sheet