Products Overview



The Fabricoater is our entry level product with a fixed output voltage which is a robust battery operated portable unit. It is capable of satisfying a wide variety of low volume external surface flocking requirements. It is suitable for intermittent use and is a quick way to get started. The Fabricoater is extremely easy to learn and use.




The Microflocker offers the flexibility of our larger systems in a lower power but more economic package. It is suitable for flocking small to medium areas. Its variable output combined with the optional small flock head allows it to be used inside areas where the larger units will not reach. The quick change applicator heads allow colour changes in seconds. The small light weight applicator is great for use in delicate areas.


Fabricoat 60/100 Portable


The 60/100 industrial flocking system has a high and low output setting for the charging voltage. It is simple for the operator to use and is suitable for the flocking of medium sized external or flat areas and can cope with a variety of flock lengths. A variety of hopper sizes are available for differing applications. It is capable of powering small tray systems for the flocking of small 3D items.


Fabricoat 60/400 Portable


The 60/400 industrial flocking system has an infinitely variable output with a meter showing the charging voltage. The system is suitable for flocking large and small areas and will cope with a wide variety of flock lengths. A variety of hopper sizes are available to suit differing applications. The generator is powerful enough to drive tray systems, small flocking booths or small conveyor systems.


Fabricoat 100/200


The 100/200 generator is suitable for the powering of small flock chambers and conveyors and other smaller automated systems. It has a variable output with meters to display charging voltage and load current. Due to its high voltage output it is not suitable for hand applicators.


Large High Power Flocking Generators

The fast application of large volumes of flock requires electrostatic generators that are capable of producing high voltages at much higher currents than those supplied for hand operation. We produce generators to suit conveyors, wall paper flocking lines, rubber extrusion flocking lines and reel to reel fabric flocking. We are happy to supply part or complete production facilities.


Fabricoat Pneumatic/Electrostatic Systems


Flocking into pockets and internal surfaces and corners can be difficult with pure electrostatics and in these applications, a pneumatic or blown electrostatic flocking system is required to get good coverage. Both types of system, hold a quantity of flock in a hopper and deliver the flock in an air stream to the hand held gun, for charging and application. Blown systems are now taking over from the pneumatic systems as they are easier to set up and offer a more controllable flock stream.




The Aeroflocker is our newest product. It is a blown flocking system that is easily controlled and is great for the flocking of 3D items with internal surfaces and undercuts. The hopper holds a reservoir of flock which provides a continuous flow of flock to the applicator gun. The base unit can also be used to power standard pure electrostatic applicator assemblies or tray systems.




The Turboflocker is a blown electrostatic system that delivers an easily adjustable steady stream of charged flock. It is suitable for most aspects of the flocking process including flocking into profiles, pockets, internal and external surfaces. The standard system comes complete and ready to go. The process parameters can be set very quickly. The large capacity hopper allows long runs between top ups. It can be fitted with an optional hand held hopper for electrostatic only applications.


Fabricoat Series 100/400 Tray System

A popular method of flock coating small items which are easily handled, such as jewellery boxes and small toys.
The adhesive coated objects are held above the special tray and the charged fibres in the tray are attracted to the adhesive coated item. Any fibres which are not retained in the adhesive coated surface lose their charge and fall back into the tray for re-use.


Fabricoat Conveyor Units

from £8,950

Conveyor systems are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit most applications. These systems are suited to the quick flocking of 2D items such as cards, posters or shallow container lids. The items with pre-applied adhesive are placed on the conveyor which transports them through the flock cloud that is present under the flock chamber. A very even coating of flock is applied. Cleaning and curing stations can also be fitted to the conveyor systems to provide more automated solutions.


Flocking Chamber

A wide variety of flocking chambers are available to suit most applications. Flocking chambers automatically apply flock to the items placed within the chamber. A number of application methods may be employed to suit specific needs. In the simplest form it is an enclosed tray system. Overhead hoppers and blown guns may be added where required. This can be a very effective quick way of flocking large numbers of small 3D items.


Flocking Booths and Extraction

from £995

We manufacture and supply a range of booths and extractors to accompany the flocking process. Booths are available for glue spraying, flocking and clean down operations. They are supplied in sizes to suit customer requirements. Extraction systems are available for fitting to flock chambers, conveyor systems and automatic lines, offering reclamation and recycling of excess flock.


Excess Flock Removal

We manufacture and supply a range of equipment for the removal of excess flock. For example, our Speedy cleaner provides a quick and easy method for the removal of excess flock from T-shirts.
Wet or dry systems are available for the removal of excess flock from extrusion flocking lines. All dry systems offer reclamation and recycling of excess flock.


Production Flocking Lines

We manufacture and supply customer specific flocking stations and lines, covering many industrial requirements.
We have installed continuous systems for rubber extrusion, fabric and wall paper flocking. Other installations for the flocking of automotive parts have been manual, semi automatic or automatic systems.


Test Equipment

We manufacture and supply a range of process test equipment.
This equipment allows system performance and raw material conditions to be measured and monitored. Optimum process performance relies on control and monitoring.
> Test equipment for flock condition
> Electrospray paint test meter
> Sprayshop analyzer - digital high voltage meter


Nylon & Rayon Flock

Flock can be made from natural or synthetic materials such as cotton, rayon, nylon and polyester. Cut flock is only produced from first quality synthetic filament materials. The cutting process produces a very uniform length of flock. Lengths can be obtained from 0.3 to 5.0mm. Different thickness fibres can be produced from 0.9 to 22 dtex. Nylon fibres provide a hard wearing, weather resistant, colourfast surface suitable for outdoor use.


Flock Adhesives

We stock a wide variety of adhesives to suit different substrate materials, durability and process requirements. Some adhesives are air drying, some heat cure and others are two part catalytic cure. Most paper applications use air drying aqueous acrylic adhesives while automotive applications generally use heat cure or two part epoxy. Pigments are available to tint the adhesives to match the flock colour.


Adhesive Brushes

We stock and supply a range of foam brushes that are suitable for the application of adhesives.


Adhesive Sprayguns

We stock and supply a range of sprayguns that are suitable for the application of adhesives. They can be used for both our aqueous and our solvent adhesives. We can also supply compressors to order.


Safety & Protection

It is recommended that a dust mask and goggles are worn while handling flock as it is very light and becomes airborne easily. We can supply all the protective equipment and supplies required, including masks, goggles and static dissipation earth straps