Test Equipment

DCA Electrostatics produces a range of test equipment specifically for the flock process...


Electrospray paint test meter

The Electrospray Paint Test Meter has been designed to provide the manufacturers and users of electrostatic paints with a reliable and inexpensive means of checking the resistivity of paints and as a result, their suitability for spraying by electrostatic means.

> More details : Electrospray paint test meter


Sprayshop analyzer - digital high voltage test meter

The DCA Sprayshop analyser is a multi function test meter that is designed to carry out various critical tests for all companies operating powder-coating or flock shops. The measurements that can be performed with this instrument are as follows; High Voltage, Temperature, Current and Continuity

> More details: Sprayshop analyzer


SSA E1 - Economy digital high voltage test meter

This economy high voltage test meter comes complete with a 9 GΩ test probe and is suitable for high voltage tests on equipment with output powers in excess of 20µA @ 85kV

> More details: SSA E1