The Company


We are happy to provide information and support to our customers. We can run training courses to enable customers to get up and running quickly.

The 'DCA ELECTROSTATICS' division of Campbell Coutts Ltd have over forty years experience in the forefront of the development of flock spraying equipment.

Fabricoat is our trade name for our range of electrostatic flock equipment by which means extremely attractive seamless suede or velvet coating may be applied to almost any surface.

We develop and manufacture our wide range of electrostatic flocking equipment and accessories at our 13,000 sq ft factory in Hampshire.

We have the facilities to create turn key installations to suit customer requirements. 3D CAD layouts help customers to visualize their installations.

We aim to hold a stock of most of our products but there are times where demand out stretches production.

We hold a wide range of flock and adhesives in stock to support our customers both small and large.
Special colours and lengths of flock are available to order.